More often than not, some people would buy a keyboard and mouse that would connect to their computer through a wire instead of getting bluetooth-enabled ones to ensure that they respond quickly and or last longer. Contrary to this misconception, almost every computer brand has made an effective wireless keyboard and mouse. The decision on which to get would then usually depend on the user’s comfort.

The Logitech MK850 Combo

Logitech, one of the most popular brands when it comes to a keyboard and mouse, continues to innovate with this high-end pair. Arguably the best wireless keyboard and mouse pair, it is also the most expensive. However, the price may be worth it as both keyboard and mouse are ergonomic and adjust to your hands providing comfort even after hours of use.

Lenovo N700 and Apple Magic Mouse 2

Lenovo’s wireless mouse is most efficient when used in a business setting. With a distinct design compared to other mice, its features make presentations and lectures easier to discuss. While Apple’s flagship Magic Mouse 2 on the other hand works well on various surfaces. This lean wireless mouse offers a great wireless mouse option for Apple users.

HP’s Wireless Elite Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This wireless combo developed by HP is deemed to be the most portable pair with its keyboard only 6-inches wide and a half-inch in thickness. Most keyboards would be 5 inches wider and noticeably thicker. Its keyboard is the only one of its kind with a design that enables users to type faster.

IOGear Long Range 2.4 GHz

For anyone not looking for any specifications on their wireless keyboard and mouse, this may be the best option for a low price of $21.50. Although it does not exactly feature a lot compared to most keyboards and mice, it keeps its low-profile as the quietest keyboard and mouse.