In the gadget world, Samsung produces arguably the best mobile phones rivaling to that of Apple’s iPhones. Samsung’s level of success with their phones, unfortunately, does not translate to their laptops. Although they do make quality computers here and there, it just is not enough to stand out among the likes of Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, HP, Acer and others.

In some surveys, people would rank them last among these brands. That is not to say that the laptop’s hardware is any less than most brands. In fact, it possesses numerous features and high-end design. The Notebook 7 Spin, for example, can turn from a laptop to a tablet or their Galaxy Tab Pro S with the detachable keyboard.

Samsung’s Computer Hardware

People can expect pretty much the same quality of hardware found in Samsung compared to those found in other brands. They have laptops with Nvidia Graphics and Intel Processors or using AMD for both. The batteries also compete with other brands usually lasting the same time when tested.

However, that is pretty much it for Samsung’s hardware. As much as some features may look hyped up due to Samsung’s marketing, when juxtaposed with other brands, it does not really match. They do however produce some notable ones like the Chromebook Pro or Plus. Samsung innovated the design for Chromebooks featuring a stylus pen that allows you to draw on it like drawing on paper. All Samsung laptops today have enough power to play the latest slot games available online.

Samsung’s Customer Service

Possibly one of their downfalls could be rooted in their customer service. Most of Samsung’s phone support agents were not able to fully answer most client’s questions. On the other hand, Samsung’s warranty offers free shipping to send them the computer for checking. However, any minimal changes like changing RAM would void warranty. They also do not offer any extension for warranties.

At the very least, Samsung has a wide range of prices for its customers. This is best for many customers with a budget not looking for a high-end laptop. Samsung excels in giving the bang for the buck for lower-end computers.