Complicated passwords and a solid encryption software have provided users protection from any online threat. However, hackers can always find ways to get around even the tightest protection. It is no wonder why more and more people try to double or even triple their online protection installing additional anti-viruses or anti-malware programs.

Privacy Screens

Even before these advanced technologies existed, there was already something called “visual hacking” where people can simply look at the user’s screen and keyboard when typing in their password. It was a simple technique that could be solved by simple solutions.

But with the number of protections already available, some users may tend to be lax about typing in their password in public. Doing so may cause them to fall victim to the old visual hacking technique. Thankfully, privacy screens and covers have been invented.

How It Works

The privacy screen is a simple polarized sheet that can be stuck to the phone or computer screen. This polarization serves as an optical filter that blocks light from all angles. In short, the only way to look at the screen properly is to face it directly.

Practical Uses

Aside from the protection, it offers when logging in to any website, privacy screens have been the number one protection for places like a casino. Computers are used in any casino anywhere. With the technology they use, they no longer need human-based surveillance by using CCTV’s all connected to a main computer in the security office. However, security should not underestimate anyone who can potentially exploit this scenario.

In a more practical sense, some games in the casinos have a tech-guy with a computer monitoring the game. The best and most secure casinos are reviewed at CasinoGuides.CA. Roulette tables in some casinos, for example, have a computer to monitor even the slightest details like the ball speed, spin direction, the spin itself and other information. These are information that some exploiters may use to rig the machine, especially if the computer stores player data. Having privacy screens at least only allow the one managing it visual access to the computer.