With the popularity of laptops rising and the innovation of these slowly overcoming the desktop, people may start thinking that getting a desktop would prove to be less efficient let alone a computer monitor. However, computer monitors were not left behind as some people may even be surprised to see the beautiful aesthetics computer monitors offer. Here are some of them:

* Acer Predator X34

Gamers may often prefer a 4K monitor to get the best quality graphics for their high-end games. Although this may not be 4K, this cinematic monitor may prove to be even better with its ultra wide 21:9 aspect ratio. In addition, much to gamer’s delight, if their rig runs on Nvidia graphics, this monitor supports numerous gaming mod cons in tow, especially the G-Sync frame-smoothing technology that would make games nearly true to life.

* Asus MG248Q

Although used for rigs with only 1080p, lower compared to the aforementioned, the ASUS MG248Q redeems itself with its Adaptive Sync which maximizes a mid-ranged computer’s graphics by reducing the screen tearing. In exchange for a lesser visual quality, gamers get the best response times with this monitor.

* LG 34UC79G-B

For gamers and computer users in general who use AMD or Intel graphics, this may possibly be their best buy. This 34-inch monitor features the AMD FreeSync that also reduces screen tear all the while being at a 21:9 aspect ratio. The smallest color differences can be made noticeable with this wide screen.

* Samsung CF591

With their popular curved TV’s, it comes as no surprise to have a curved Samsung monitor. Unlike the usual rectangular shape of most monitors, the CF591 offers an arguably unmatched viewing experience especially having that Samsung 1800R screen. Just like the previous one, this also offers the AMD FreeSync.

* Philips S-Line 243S7EHMB

Putting aside the usual gaming monitors, this Philips monitor offers something else as it is specifically made for business use. It is not as fancy as one may expect but definitely the best replacement for anyone’s old business computer monitor. It even features LowBlue mode that makes the screen more eye-friendly.