ASUS has been one of the popular brands when it comes laptops. Truly, with the numerous possible options to choose from, customers will find satisfaction knowing that ASUS have laptops both for the business and for the gamer. Even for those looking for a budget laptop, they will surely find one in ASUS.

Heading over to the website of ASUS and going specifically to their laptops tab, the website asks you questions to give you suggestions on which laptop to buy. What type of laptop are you looking for? What is your intended usage for the laptop? What is it that you care for the most while looking a new laptop? How often are you on the move?

They have different series of laptops to choose from. While each series has their own unique traits, it can basically be rooted down to gaming laptops, business laptops, and convenient laptops. No series is focused on one purpose. That is to say that gaming laptops can also be business laptops given its powerful processing power. In result, that gaming laptop is of convenience as well due to it being able to handle both gaming and business matters. However, the one factor that would narrow down people’s choices is price.

Going through each series and laptops would be a tedious task. Having a plethora of choices is also normal but ASUS’s website has a comparison feature that allows you to do just that: compare laptops based on all its aspects: processing power, graphics, size, price, and the rest of the specifications.

Republic of Gamers

ASUS is probably best known for its Republic of Gamer (RoG) series. Offering the highest possible graphics quality and the most powerful processing power to boot, the ASUS RoG is a series of laptops gamers would not want to miss out on. Seemingly to be on the top of the gaming community’s choices for laptops, the RoG supports high-end games, overclocking the gpu, and just about anything. There are even ultra-slim RoG’s to get people gaming even while on the move.