Shopping for internet parts can get tiresome moving from one branch to another searching for the right part. With online shopping slowly becoming the trend, Canada Computers and Electronics took advantage of this. Gamers and people who generally just want to get computer parts can check their website and easily search for what they need.

Their products include a variety of computer hardware from monitor screens, and graphics cards, to the smallest of things like a microSD memory card or bluetooth earphones. They also offer various brands for each product they sell for customer’s preferences. On a daily and weekly basis, they offer big discounts so it pays to check their website every so often.

Canada Computers’ services include:

  • Rebates & Promotions

Some products may undoubtedly be more expensive than the customer’s budget. With their easy rebate process, customers only need to fill up a form that is downloadable from their website, a photocopy of the sales receipt and send it to them. The original receipt may be needed in case of any return or warranty.

  • Service & Repair Center

As some computers may be hard to handle especially when it comes to its hardware, Canada Computers also offer repair services. When asked to send the customer’s computer to the manufacturer, they would gladly offer a Courtesy Laptop. Customers may need to go to one of their branches for more details. They can also help with keeping your computer safe.

  • Product Warranty

The company gives a 30 day-exchange warranty for items with a manufacturing defect, and a 90-day courtesy warranty offering to send the item straight to the manufacturer at no cost. Items past the 90th day from purchase can still be sent to the manufacturer through Canada Computers but with a minimal fee.

  • Returns & Exchanges

Customers can refund and exchange products within 14 days of purchase. However, the company may charge a restocking fee depending on the item.

  • Financing Options

Possibly the service that many look forward to, they offer different payment methods suited for the customer’s budget.